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Tuesday, 1st January 2008


Hnagover lost Property

Happy new year and hope you all enjoyed the race.

I have a pair of glasses that were left on the side of the entry desk. If they are yours please call 01934 814208.

Thank you again to all the helpers for making the morning as easy as possible for me.

Monday, 31st December 2007





At least you were not the one asking for chocolate cake at the top of Loxton Hill.

My prediction. After all the phone calls that I have had today we will have quite a few entries on the day at the Hangover tomorrow

Happy new year


Not sure who put that on, but thankyou, although after sundays long leaving me feeling wasted for the rest of the day, i feel i have a lot of hard work to put in to the first few months of 2008 which i cant say i am looking forward to.

But then at least i am running, so that is a positive start to the new year.

**Happy New year to everyone**


Tell us your predictions for 2008..............
To kick start:
Geraldine wil have a 'positive' London marathon

Sunday, 30th December 2007


Victor - you're in big trouble. That's bullying.

Saturday, 29th December 2007


Early Request:
If anyone has an entry for Bath Half in March, which they find they cannot use, please let me know as I need one.


Please can you give me a call when you have a chance? I think you've got our number but if not email.

Friday, 28th December 2007


To All WAC Members - Hangover 10K

Thanks to everyone that has so far oferred to help on new years day morning next Tuesday. I still need to have 3 or 4 more people confirm that they will help.

I need you to turn up at 10:00 and you will be finished by 12:30 at the latest. A great opportunity to wish all your club mates a happy new year.

If you can help please send me an email or call on 01934 814208

Thanks in advance Jim

Thursday, 27th December 2007


Hi All

Just to let you know about a new event that will be running this year.
The Harptree Havoc will take place on the 3rd Feb at 10.45.
The event will be 10km for adults (and it's a tough 10km too, think the end of the Dursley Dozen and you are somewhere near) and there will also be children's races which will finish at the same time as the adults race so ideal for those who usually get dragged into spectating!
The race will take place on Harptree Hill, West Harptree (about 20-25 mins drive from Weston towards Bath)and will be on a totally closed and off road course, suitable for all footwear including spikes.

This event will take place the week before the Tough Ten and a fortnight before the Dursley Dozen so will make an excellent warm up for the longer distance, but I can promise you a cracking event in it's own right!

Please come along and support this race.
There will be others to follow, including an MTB race, an MTB endurance event (8 hours), and an off road Duathlon towards the end of the year.

Almost forgot, there will be prizes for winners and spot prizes too.

For an entry form please e-mail or have a look on the website, or even call me! 01934 425510, 07894 144595.

I hope to see you there!

Marc Molloy
Sole Events

Monday, 24th December 2007


Just seen the video - really, really good. Well done Matt

Sunday, 23rd December 2007


Apologies for the no show this morning - I overslept ( Old age ? ).
Best wishes to you and Gerry ( and to all the other WAC members ), see you in the New Year !

Friday, 21st December 2007


Just wanted to also congratulate Matt on a fine job with the WAC Annual Review video. Marvellous stuff!


Will be running from Swan Rowberrow, 8.30 this sunday if anyone cares to join me.
Thanks to Bob for organising curry last nite, good time had by all.
Also nice to see Esther again going very well ,hope he has a good xmas...



That is fantastic - totally and utterly brilliant and a perfect soundtrack too.

Happy Christmas to you.


Congratulations to Dave and the team for a successful new HQ and course for the Weston Prom Run.

Good to see our flags and signs being used and everyone I spoke to thought the venue and course change were an improvement on the previous arrangements. I know a lot of work has been put in by Dave and the support team to make it an easy transition so well done and thanks to all who helped to make it a success. Congratulations for a job well done.

Matt,….another Great Video…well done!!!!!!!!!!!

Rob, Thanks for the superb curry another very social and enjoyable night out.


A big Thank you to Chairman Morgan for a good night. If I don't see any of you before Christmas then have a great Christmas and a wonderful new year.

Oh BTW - have a look at
for a slight recap on the year that was 2007.

Wednesday, 19th December 2007


Time to find myself a new club me thinks if this video malarky continues!!!


Yeah right…

I got some very nice footage. I’m just downloading some fitting music to put it to. Macho Man by Village people might be appropriate.


Matt... Ive got a big yard brush if you need to borrow it...


Well done Matt, another excellent promo!

Just ensure i am deleted from any of last nights photos or at least air brushed!!



A huge well done on the Cracker video - it's brilliant!!

PS: I think everyone's keeping their fingers crossed that none of the footage from last night's festive fun at Hutton Moor is actually usable!

Tuesday, 18th December 2007


The promotional video of the Christmas Cracker is available on youTube at:

A full length DVD version of the event will be available shortly.


Thanks to Neale for arranging tonights Festive Circuit. It was great fun and much better than a cold windy night on the beach.

Unfortunately there were photographers in the hall so no doubt we will be embarrassed by the results.

Thanks Neale.

Monday, 17th December 2007


Is that a touch of 'Bah Humbug' Victor?


Thanks for the card Ginnie ,i wont bother with yours...


Our regular training session on the beach this Tuesday will be replaced with a special 'Festive Fun Circuit'. Meet at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre, 7:00pm as usual.

London Marathon Draw takes place at 7:50pm


I am pleased to announce that the promotional video (the one to go on YouTube) has now been completed. I will be bringing it along to the Tuesday night run for anyone who would like a sneak peak showing.

Sunday, 16th December 2007


Dear All,
This year I won't be buying cards for everyone, instead I'll be donating to Weston Hospicecare.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. X


Just two days to go before we do the draw for the three Flora London Marathon Club places.

If you have been unlucky with your London Marathon ballot application please make sure I have your name or put it on the sheet pinned to the club notice board before Tuesday night’s session. I have 3 to add to the notice board list so far: Rich Ford, Tim Pollard & Matt Washburn.


Happy Christmas to everyone and Best Wishes for 2008.
I haven't got many peoples addresses and won't be there on Tuesday to dish cards out so thought I'd do an environmentally friendly "Happy Christmas" online.


Sue + Ginnie,

Thank you .

Saturday, 15th December 2007


Quite a few dishes turned up, the ones that weren't there were discussed in depth and a good night was had by all!
Thanks to Pam for hosting and Chris for giving us Microwave instruction before he left!!

Friday, 14th December 2007


Victor, won't be able to make this Sunday - Newport Cycle track session with "he who can't be mentioned". How about next Sunday ? Run followed by full english at Art's cafe ?


I am planning to run from Swan Rowberrow 8.30 this sunday, any one who has had enough of the festive spirit welcome. Aim to do 1.30,2 hour loop depending on group size and alcohol levels..


Ginnie... when you say bring a dish I think all of the men are busy tonight...


Just a reminder.....
Girls get together at Pam's tonight, please bring a dish (prefereably filled with edible items!) 7.30 - 8.00pm.
See you there.

Thursday, 13th December 2007


Lost. One route map of the 5 Hills Thursday Night Training Session.

Last seen on Thursday night before our training session on the Weston Athletic Club notice board.
Despite the wild rumours this does not mean we will be deleting the 5 hills session from our training programme! In deed as this may mean the inconvenience of reprinting our coach has indicated we may increase to 6 yes 6 hills!. It is in our best interests therefore to locate the missing route plan and return it to me asap.

No reward as yet but it depends how desperate you all are not to do 1 more hill!


Wednesday, 12th December 2007


Message for Sue & Ginnie:
I won't be staying after running on Thursday so if possible please could you give jewellery money to Pam who I'll be seeing on Friday. If not I'll see you next Thursday.


Tuesday, 11th December 2007


You do not need to wait until next year to run on the beach again. We do it every Tuesday in the winter between the pier and the Sealife centre.
We meet at Hutton Moor at 7:00pm or on the beach at about 7:20


Does anybody fancy going to the argentine desert to run 100km in 3days.
4 legs one is run at night.
Race enty including food $200
Flight Buenos Aires to Mendoza return
aproximatly $200.
Flight UK to Buenos Aires £632 return.
Race run from 1st to 4th May.depart day before could stay longer after.
For more information if you can read Spanish go to on deserto.


Just a big thank you to everyone who organised such a great event on Sunday. It was my first ever race after watching last years event. Having been to school in Weston in the 1970's you forget how hard it is to run on the soft sand and against the gale force wind but i was pleased with my time of 49 mins 19 secs. Next year aiming at 45 mins hoping the wind drops in time.
Again a huge thank you to everyone.




I ran in the xmas cracker at the weekend. My number was 1019. In the list of provisional results my time is not listed .By my watch I ran it in 45mins 25s .How do I go about getting my time recorded?


Hi there, message for Teresa King. I have reserved Lorna a place at Totsy Turvy Gymnastics in Nailsea starting on Tuesday 8th January - 9.30.

If you e-mail me direct i'll give you more details of costs, location etc.

See you soon, Carolyn

Monday, 10th December 2007


ITV coverage of the Cracker can be seen at this address:

Sunday, 9th December 2007


Well I think Ken and Malcolm have summed it up so what can I say…. Great race, great organisation, great turnout, great sponsorship, great charity, great photos, great wind!! Thank you everyone, we have a great club.


I am now at home resting after my exertions today in my role as Race Director for the Cracker. What exertions you ask. Well I'll tell you, my jaw aches!
On a more serious note, I feel really proud to be associated with the club, if not as a member then as a helper. Standing at the start watching around 1,000 competitors begin a race in atrocious conditions, many in fancy dress, impressed upon me what a reputation the club has gained over the years to attract such a gathering. It says bucket loads for the professionalism and expertise of the many club members who willingly give of their time to make this the event it is. A very personal and heartfelt thnak you to you all. Really well done.

Penny Beare, the Fundraising Manager of Weston Hospicecare was at pains to thank the club for their donation of £3,000 and I am pleased to be able to pass on her comments.

Finally, it would never get done without the band of club members who make up the Cracker Committeee - you and they know who they are - You are a great bunch!


Well done to all of the organisers of the xmas cracker,Great race,(even the wind was interesting)Thanks to the ladies in the baggage room,not a very nice job done very well!!!!!


I have just completed my 4th Christmas Cracker. Apart from the extremely high winds the event was once again well organised and even though very tiring coming back on the beach, enjoyable. My only gripe is the attitude of the ladies in the baggage room. I found, on two occasions, when I handed my bag in and when I collected it, them to be patronising and impatient, not only to myself but my friend and the lady in front of me, we are not children and do not expect to be treated as such. The marshalls and everyone else made it a great day, shame these two ladies do not have the same manners.


A really big thank you to all members, family and friends of Weston AC today who helped with the Christmas Cracker Race. Given the conditions early this morning the race went very well without any problems or incidents.

I am pleased to say that we had 76 members helping along with some family and friends. The support was excellent and really makes the difference for all the runners giving them great support and encouragement.

Many thanks for all your support and putting up with me hounding you all over recent weeks. If you have not picked up your Cracker T Shirt please let me know and I will make sure you get one.

Also I have one nice black gents wrist watch which was left in the caravan, so if anyone can tell me what the make is and what it generally looks like…. its yours to keep.

Thanks again.


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