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Club Championship

Awards 2004

Ladies: 1st Phil Richards, 2nd Jayne Gillard, 3rd Geraldine Hope
Men: 1st Shaun Callaghan, 2nd Neale Jarrett, 3rd Tony Sperrin, 4th Rich Griffiths, 5th Rich Bartlett
Barry Hotlegs: Shaun Callaghan / Neale Jarrett
Most Improved Runner: Rich Griffiths
Clubperson of the Year: Jim White
Victor Award: Neale Jarrett
Chairperson's Award: Ian Carpenter
Reg Owen Founders Cup: Phil Williams


Race Schedule 2004

1  15th January 2004Weston Prom Run 2003-2004 Series (5 of 9)5m
2  8th February 2004Dursley Dozen 2004Multi
3  15th February 2004Tough Ten Challenge 2004Multi
4  19th February 2004Weston Prom Run 2003-2004 Series (6 of 9)5m
5  14th March 2004Grizzly 2004Multi
6  18th March 2004Weston Prom Run 2003-2004 Series (7 of 9)5m
7  28th March 2004Ironwood Challenge 2004Multi
8  4th April 2004Taunton Half Marathon 2004H.M.
9  15th April 2004Weston Prom Run 2003-2004 Series (8 of 9)5m
10  25th April 2004Pensford 10K 200410k
11  29th April 2004Wrington Woodland RunMulti
12  2nd May 2004Great West Run 2004H.M.
13  9th May 2004Great Wood Great RunMulti
14  20th May 2004Weston Prom Run 2003-2004 Series (9 of 9)5m
15  23rd May 2004Bideford 10K10k
16  27th May 2004Rowberrow Rabbit RunMulti
17  29th May 2004Bath Hilly Ten 200410m
18  15th June 2004Clevedon Midsummer 10K10k
19  17th June 2004Dundry Hill DashMulti
20  22nd June 2004Beacon Batch Fell RaceMulti
21  24th June 2004Nailsea Festival 10K 200410k
22  27th June 2004Quantock BeastMulti
23  1st July 2004Sundayshill 10K10k
24  11th July 2004Wellington Ten 200410m
25  25th July 2004Gloucester Half Marathon 2004H.M.
26  29th July 2004Compton Dandy 2004Multi
27  8th August 2004Sidmouth Festival Run10k
28  25th August 2004Crook Peak Cake RaceMisc.
29  29th August 2004Battle of Sedgemoor 10K 200410k
30  5th September 2004Burnham Beach 10K 2004Misc.
31  12th September 2004Bristol Half Marathon 2004H.M.
32  16th September 2004Weston Prom Run 2004-2005 Series (1 of 9)5m
33  26th September 2004Oldbury Power Station 200410m
34  3rd October 2004Offa's Orror 2004Multi
35  10th October 2004Mendip Muddle 2004Multi
36  21st October 2004Weston Prom Run 2004-2005 Series (2 of 9)5m
37  24th October 2004Exmoor Stagger 2004Multi
38  7th November 2004Drogo 10Multi
39  13th November 2004Cheddar Half Marathon 2004H.M.
40  18th November 2004Weston Prom Run 2004-2005 Series (3 of 9)5m
41  28th November 2004Brent Knoll 2004Multi
42  16th December 2004Weston Prom Run 2004-2005 Series (4 of 9)5m
43  19th December 2004Wellington MonumentMulti
44  26th December 2004Clevedon Boxing Day 2004Misc.
45  31st December 2004Any marathon ran during 2004F.M.


Barry Hotlegs 2004

33  Shaun Callaghan, Neale Jarrett
24  Tony Sperrin
22  Rich Griffiths
19  Jayne Gillard, Phil Richards
16  Natasha Ballard
15  Geraldine Hope, Pam Withers
13  Peter Jones, Bryan Morley, Jim White
12  Steve Baxter, Malcolm Gammon, Kevin Hudson, Mike Potter, Ruth White
11  Rich Bartlett, Dave Baxter, Gerry King, Claudine Mercer, Phillippa Stephens
10  Teresa King, Kevin Minty, Chris Pinchbeck, Kenny Yam
9  Graham Brooks, Ginnie Hayes, Steve Jenkins, Jim Wotton
8  Ian Carpenter, Bardi Collins
7  Liz Green, Colin Lee, Simon Lund, Tim Pollard, Kit Stokes, Jamie Tottle
6  Rich Ford, Kathleen Hutchison, Simon Moth, Nick Thorpe
5  Andy Hayes, Jim Hayward, Paul Snelling, Kira Thorpe, Tom Webb
4  Mark Dunstone, Mickey Hurley, Tracy Lewis, Rob Morgan, Paul O'Mara, Colin Thompson
3  Robbie Dillon, Matt Freeman, Adrian Marshall, Myriam Moubtassim, Sarah Nash, Andy Salter, Liz Wiggins, Phil Williams
2  Roger Hart, Philip Hunt, David Johnson, Phil Mellor, Pete Telford, Simon Walsh
1  Mike Boardman, Rich Coleman, Chris Dachtler, Marian Evans, M Iles, James Jones, Robert Jones, Keith Lee, Richard Makin, Danny McMillan, Janet Pinches, Andy Say, Fliss Smith, Mark Trott, Dan Williams


Notes 2004

The Club Championship will include races in the following categories:-
5 Mile (4 from 9)
10km (3 from 7)
10 Mile (1 from 3)
Half Marathon (2 from 5)
Multi-terrain (7 from 17)
Miscellaneous (1 from 3)
Full Marathon (Any 1)

There are 45 races in total and the Club Championship will be decided on your best performances in 19 of them.

We will continue to have a "Grand Prix" race in each category when an extra 5 points will be awarded to each runner. The Grand Prix races will be:-
Weston Prom Run (May)
Bideford 10K
Oldbury Power Station
Gloucester Half Marathon
Drogo 10
Burnham Beach

There are 11 new races this year.

As last year the Mens and Ladies will be scored differently. The Mens First runner will get 20 points, the second 19 points, down to 1 point for the 20th runner and below. The exceptions to this are the Prom Runs and the Tough 10 where because of the higher numbers of Club Members participating the points will start at 30.

The First Lady will get 10 points, the second 9, down to 1 point for 10th place and below. There will be no extra points for the Prom Runs and Tough 10 unless our Lady Membership increases enough to warrant it.

Any Runner helping to Marshall a Club Race will be awarded 5 points.

Extra Points will be awarded as follows:-
Men Over 40 (1 point)
Ladies Over 35 (1 point)
Men Over 50 (2 points)
Ladies Over 45 (2 points)
Men Over 60 (3 points)
Ladies Over 55 (3 points)

A P.B. on last years time an extra 2 points will be awarded (only 1 event in each category and compared to Club Races last year). In the Multi-terrain and Misc. Category P.B. Points will only be awarded in the equivalent race, e.g. Exmoor Stagger 2004 against the Exmoor Stagger 2003. This is because each Multi and Misc Course is run over different distances. This rule will apply as long as the Course is not significantly changed from the previous year.