Just booked Arsenal stadium tour, still reeling from picture of Charlie
George now...Not sure i will recover

08:25:32 PM
Thursday, 30th April 2009

Arrr Avast! This landlubber couldn't get to her 'teloscope' this weekend to follow you on the day... she'll raise a bottle of rum to ya for your successful voyage!

01:28:54 PM
Tuesday, 14th April 2009

Maths was never a strong point! Obviously looking at wrong numbers, massive improvement on last year!!! Even better!!!

11:33:50 AM
Tuesday, 14th April 2009

Well done Shaun, amazed you can go all that way and be with 9 mins of last years time! Well earned rest now, we think!!!

11:31:53 AM
Tuesday, 14th April 2009

Well done Mr Shaun,off to pie central to restock...

05:17:09 PM
Monday, 13th April 2009

wat up homie u did fat on da race thingy homie so well done homie

05:15:48 PM
Monday, 13th April 2009

For those of you that can't be bothered to grow your own, visit

12:18:35 PM
Monday, 13th April 2009

Armada, Captain Pugwash?
I see no ships.

12:10:41 PM
Monday, 13th April 2009

Captain ashore safe and sound.
Provisional time of 24:18:30 and position 33rd of 41 Senior Singles plus 7 retirees.
Today he even overtook some adults.
Full results at DW.

11:56:51 AM
Monday, 13th April 2009

Blimey you had finished before I even got up this morning! Well done and glad you were able to avoid the icebergs, sharks,WW2 mines and Somalian pirates!Apparently the wench was also able to keep up this year thanks to Mr Garmin!

11:27:58 AM
Monday, 13th April 2009

Well done Steep Holme Wench and the rest of your crew . Can you pass on a message to your captain that the Athletico prince is assembling an armada to chase him down.

The fittest shall survive yet the unfit will live and eat pie

09:33:11 AM
Monday, 13th April 2009

Well done on another sucessful endeavour Cap'n!

09:22:07 AM
Monday, 13th April 2009

After 3 days: 31st in 22hrs 7mins. Just the tideway to contend with now. Starts Monday 6:05am, should take about 2 hours. Tired is not a word in the Steepholme vocabulary.

08:33:22 PM
Sunday, 12th April 2009

Jasper, I have some gaffa tape you can use. OK for patching boats, holding things together and also wrapping around to provide appropriate girth.

08:15:36 PM
Sunday, 12th April 2009

I say I say I say, did you know any given postcode may cover both sides of the river? Laugh? I almost went to Staines.

08:10:45 PM
Sunday, 12th April 2009

Thames Young Mariners outdoor and indoor activity centre. looks like a place for jasper to spend the evening

02:40:12 PM
Sunday, 12th April 2009

Bring me another cabin boy . This ones split

01:52:43 PM
Sunday, 12th April 2009

I would rather be flogged and keelhauled than spend any more time with scarys pies (ginge). What is taking him so long, get on with it..

01:16:55 PM
Sunday, 12th April 2009

Somalian Pirates are operating at Laleham Reach,but don't worry... just show 'em your Jolly Roger...that'll frighten 'em off!

12:08:03 PM
Sunday, 12th April 2009

Victor and ginge in a boat together. Know way we would argue who was to have the [wh]ore

11:57:45 AM
Sunday, 12th April 2009

Found a rodent in my pie it was a pi-rat lol

11:52:44 AM
Sunday, 12th April 2009

Bad wind and severe stomach cramps, overdone the pies at pie central. Keep a rowing me and ginge going to do it next year.

11:37:07 AM
Sunday, 12th April 2009

Dear Persil Wench . Your right to use persil it sure does shift brown stains ,ask Victor he will confirm this for you .As for Mr Teagle what does he know about literature he was only any good at drawing pictures . I learn`t all I know from Miss Griffiths (set 5). The poem below is in fact the work of Roald Dahl .It was never my intention to take any credit for it .Can I keep the A- please, never had one before

Nautical nitwits

10:34:28 AM
Sunday, 12th April 2009

I could go on
I could expand
I could wax lyrical
But getting all clothes clean and dry
Needs a miracle
What I really want to say
(And I'm not mean in any way)
Is I don't think he really ought'a
Go in anymore brown water

09:34:58 PM
Saturday, 11th April 2009

A good effort at troachic pentameter Pie Eater, but you've used rowing twice. A-.

09:03:38 PM
Saturday, 11th April 2009

Round the world and home again
That's the sailor's way
Faster faster, faster faster

There's no earthly way of knowing
Which direction we are going
There's no knowing where we're rowing
Or which way the river's flowing

Is it raining, is it snowing
Is a hurricane a–blowing

Not a speck of light is showing
So the danger must be growing
Are the fires of Hell a–glowing
Is the grisly reaper mowing

Yes, the danger must be growing
For the rowers keep on rowing
And they're certainly not showing
Any signs that they are slowing

Take that you turks

07:30:34 PM
Saturday, 11th April 2009

2 successful days. Over half way now with most of the locks done. Total elapsed time is just over 15hrs, well up on last year. Just one short swim today. The flow on the Thames is light and conditions fair, so a much calmer experience than last year. Everyone in and around Henley owns a cabin cruiser and they were all out on the river today. My start time for Sunday is brought forward to about 8:30am (as they want the 'slower' ones to start a bit earlier). The wench is pulling her weight.

07:12:57 PM
Saturday, 11th April 2009

An invitation to the Steeple holme private. When you've finished with this one .How about a jaunt into the Indian ocean money to be made for a Gentleman o' fortune taking hostages a good rate of return for very little outlay

06:39:45 PM
Saturday, 11th April 2009

By the cringe...the lads done good today, must have had the wind behind place for it really(unless you are in a following boat)!

05:14:08 PM
Saturday, 11th April 2009

Anyone concerned by yesterdays explosion in pie factory fear not .Pleased to say Stacey ,Stacey, Stacey and hangers on are all well and tucking into special easter pie as we speak.Keep up the good work quicker this year now you know which way to go.
If any hanhams are reading this i still hate you..

02:51:42 PM
Saturday, 11th April 2009

In the words of Dory from Finding Nemo... Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.... oh no, it's paddling!

Have you found the pirate treasure yet...?

12:06:46 PM
Saturday, 11th April 2009

WW2 floating mines spotted at Reading. Just knock 'em out of the way with your paddle.

11:23:27 AM
Saturday, 11th April 2009

Avast me hearties
A good days sailing the ocean brown
I didn't get lost and he didn't drown
A late start at Pewsey avoided the crowd
7hrs 14 the cabin boy's done us proud

08:26:32 PM
Friday, 10th April 2009

1 Hour 4 minutes quicker then last year by my reckoning .Is it because you’ve not to keep stopping and looking at your map. Pie Time sleep tight. Life’s pretty good, and why wouldn’t it be? Your a pirate, after all

06:47:15 PM
Friday, 10th April 2009

Ok... so you survived day one.....but what hazards are waiting tomorrow? Ah Hah!Me Lad....We'll see!

06:23:08 PM
Friday, 10th April 2009

Where’s yer Buccaneers?

A:One me Buccan Head

06:01:29 PM
Friday, 10th April 2009

Last message should have read wholesailor not wholesaler. Tiredness is now creeping in, but I will see it through to the end (the beginning is the end)

04:36:23 PM
Friday, 10th April 2009

If ye can’t trust a pirate, ye damn well can’t trust a electrical wholesaler either, More pie mother Please

04:30:11 PM
Friday, 10th April 2009

Stop Press! Severe shark infestation reported at get out and walk if you know whats good for you!

03:44:09 PM
Friday, 10th April 2009

The average man will take umbrage if you say his father was dishonest, but he will brag a little if he discovers that his great-grandfather was a pirate

02:05:22 PM
Friday, 10th April 2009

Careful Shaun ,Gareth's right its deliverance country alright just count the toes and no squealing like a hog if you get caught

12:44:28 PM
Friday, 10th April 2009

Go careful Shaun the vale of Pewsey is Hiscock country, watch out for them hillbillies!

12:36:39 PM
Friday, 10th April 2009

Dear Shaun
Your none attendance as been noted once again for the easter service. Whats your excuse this year

10:39:24 AM
Friday, 10th April 2009

Just keep it on the blue bit between the banks and you can't go wrong!Watch out for icebergs near saw what they did to the Titanic!

11:42:31 PM
Thursday, 9th April 2009

Good luck Mr Shaun. Will follow your endeavours from cyberland. Looking forward to my pies tomorrow with Victor & the sponsers!

09:19:03 PM
Thursday, 9th April 2009

Dear Supporter,

The Devizes to Westminster International Canoe Race starts on Good Friday. 125 miles of paddling with 77 portages over 4 days along the Kennet & Avon Canal and River Thames.

You may track my progress on the MAPS page.
I think daily results will be posted at

I am entered in the K1 Senior Single class. I have a somewhat sleeker boat for this year (a sky blue Marsport Laance wobble factor 9), so I should be quicker as long as I stay upright. My time to beat from last year is 27hrs 3mins.

Sarah Nash is retained as Support Crew Manager (chief cook and bottle washer). 1st Ace Cars are confirmed as our official sponsor for the 2009 campaign.

11:02:27 PM
Wednesday, 8th April 2009

Good luck Mr Shaun will be following your progress closely after final long training run with Gareth. Aiming for a mile and half and then straight to Pie central for refuelling session with Stacey,Stacey and Stacey. Heres to a prevailing wind.

09:37:16 PM
Wednesday, 8th April 2009

Good Luck for the weekend Shaun, personally I think it would have been an excellent idea to go to the vets and get a chip put in your neck!!

04:32:29 PM
Wednesday, 8th April 2009

Well done! time to splice the mainbrace and break out grog ration me hearties. Followed your last hour of pain...very exciting..would he make it by 2.30? Nearly!

02:40:02 PM
Sunday, 15th March 2009

Them that die will be the lucky uns

01:01:34 PM
Sunday, 15th March 2009

Black pig ahoy . Be prepared for a borading Blistering Barnacles

12:59:45 PM
Sunday, 15th March 2009