Final note on Lejog 2008 (might there be another!) Total funds raised £3,187.62. Thank You All!

08:50:32 PM
Wednesday, 15th October 2008

Cycling is now fading into memory, I must clean the bike up for storage! However, the fund raising continues. Thanks to NJ and Geraldine for organising an excellent Weston AC Quiz night which raised a further £125.50. Thanks to all who supported the event especially PB for excellent questions & compere! Total raised to date £2,923.42 against target of £3K, will exceed with pledges still outstanding. Thank you all.

12:14:28 PM
Monday, 8th September 2008

Great stuff but of course without Jimby you wouldn't have done it. Hee Hee Hee

Can I put a link to you on my own website

08:48:34 PM
Thursday, 21st August 2008

To Jock Mctavish

This is an invitation for you come to my country and Cycle Ending to Ending Starting in the far deep south at the Mingacevir reservoir and finish in the North at Avadhava. As Tourist minister in Georgia it is my duties to encourage peoples to come visit our wonderful country particular at present time with the adverse publicity we get now .Being a Tourist Board officer yourself, You know importants it is to attracted the right type of visitors to country. so coming on over Jock and give it a go please

Yours truly, G Kinkladze

12:31:51 PM
Thursday, 14th August 2008

To Jock Mctavish
I believe more good has come from their visit to your country then harm. Reasons to numerous to mention . Never had a problem with the Welsh Tourist Board ! (to try is to achieve,To achieve you must try) give it a go Jock you may suprise yourself.

09:57:02 PM
Wednesday, 13th August 2008

As chairman of the scotish tourist board , i would like to advise you
that you will never be welcome in
this bonny land again.
Have recieved numerous complaints about slow moving obstructions, one
from a very irate and bruised individual. Also complaints from local forrestry workers re strange smell.
May i suggest you travel further afield next time.

05:37:39 PM
Wednesday, 13th August 2008

Fan Bloody Tastic !
from all the Burrows's

01:04:11 PM
Tuesday, 12th August 2008

Me again. PS final weigh in at a lightweight 11st 3lbs (Sand kicked in your face territory). During the tour SC hammered me in the cake & biscuit eating competition. Now home I intend to train hard at this discipline until back to 12 St!

12:19:30 PM
Tuesday, 12th August 2008

Wot about your lap of honour

12:07:41 PM
Tuesday, 12th August 2008

All finished and back at home, so time to bring my part of the log up to date at least what I can remember of events.
Day 12 - Left the coach load of Germans on Arran and set off on our longest day after the ferry to the mainland. Bad guts (German sabotage perhaps!) led to further parallels with Bilbao again me having to take NJ's role with a 'trot' in the forest! After 96 miles we rolled into the YH fairly late and I was again the only Englishman in a dorm full of foreigners one of whom fhad bad BO!
Day 13 - A shorter day to Loch Ness, quite a lot of rain and SC had an altercation with a camper van driver who had tried to run us over, he appeared to be something of a trouble making bully but a swift retaliatory smack from SC put him back in his place.
A room to myself at Loch Ness was bliss.
Day 14 - Another involuntary dismount from me due to a near collision with a parked car (No I didn't see it). Again going up hill slowly and no injuries, so I had to keep cycling! YH a castle only 3 of us in the room but one was a heavy snoring Frenchman.
Day 15 - A short day 47 miles to Tongue and the best YH so far. Went out for a meal with one of our sponsors (The Stacey's- 1st acecars). The lads from Bolton had beaten us to the YH for the first time.
Day 16 - At last the finish, after a gruelling 64 miles into 35mph head winds with driving rain. By far the wetest day. But what a releif to finish.
Day 17 - After a long day travelling home a raptuous welcome awaited us from family & friends. Thank you to all of you out their who have supprted us throughout this venture, with hilarious messages & generous contributions. We have far exceeded our original targets. Thank you to the kind strangers we met along the way who donated cash, to the lads from Bolton who were truely inspirational. Thanks to our families who gave such strong support at home and to Shaun & Sarah for making sure we kept going in the right direction. Starting to sound like an oscar speech so I'll sign off now, keep checking the site as money keeps on coming in and see how far we get!

12:07:00 PM
Tuesday, 12th August 2008

Well done to all. Great achievement. Dangerous, Helen and Ethan

10:40:03 PM
Monday, 11th August 2008

Paul's pc will not start, appears to be error in loading windows. Keeps going on and on without getting there.
Any ideas?
Hope all going well.

02:37:03 PM
Monday, 11th August 2008

Good work use lot hope you reach your target and good luck for the future x

11:55:44 AM
Monday, 11th August 2008

Miles=1107(got lost alot)
Hours=Lost count
Average speed=10.1mph
Punctures=Luke and Eddie(3)
king of the mountains=None of us
Best Y.H=Carlisle(only because we had our own rooms) :)

11:54:17 AM
Monday, 11th August 2008

Well done uncle Shaun and Sarah, we're all very proud of you!!!

10:43:23 PM
Sunday, 10th August 2008

Well done Gareth, Auntie Sarah and especially Uncle Shaun on you're chopper!

09:38:02 PM
Sunday, 10th August 2008

Thanks to George Ross who delivered us to Inverness airport and brought us bike bags, packing, tape and a full toolkit. All that and a donation to the charity. Cheers.

02:30:18 PM
Sunday, 10th August 2008

well done go get that Medal

01:27:18 PM
Sunday, 10th August 2008

Well done. Respect is due. Only one altercation ,how you have mellowed.

12:05:05 PM
Sunday, 10th August 2008

Tour stats:
1,058 miles over 16 days.
97h 17m in the saddle.
Punctures: SC 9, SN 1
Broken chain: GH 1
Involuntary dismounts: GH 4, SC 1
Altercations: SC 1
Forest crouches: GH 1
Midge bites: SN 39
Queen of the Mountains: SN
Best Hostel: Tongue

11:02:36 PM
Saturday, 9th August 2008

Well done you deserve a medal. Please cycle to Beijing to collect it!

10:54:15 PM
Saturday, 9th August 2008

Well done congratulations, fantastic effort.
Looked at site this morning and you still seemed to have a long way to go. I bet your are delighted to have finished.
See you soon, we will have a beer to celebrate.

08:07:34 PM
Saturday, 9th August 2008

Brilliant!! Very well done to all 3 of you for persevering in sometimes very poor conditions and keeping exactly to your route and schedule!Glad also that you arrived at JOG relatively unscathed and didn't get run over,drowned eaten by midges or anything.

07:41:59 PM
Saturday, 9th August 2008

CONGRATULATIONS.... You done it, the three Amigos !!! We are so proud of you, Love you loads Gareth, Lee (Wifey), Adam, James and Phoebe. xxxx

07:22:09 PM
Saturday, 9th August 2008

well done all three of you, loved following your adventure on this website.

06:44:09 PM
Saturday, 9th August 2008

Hi! You must be there now so well done, you are an inspiration!!! See you soon!!

05:56:34 PM
Saturday, 9th August 2008

Well done,fantastic job. Hope you all enjoy a well earned rest! Can't wait for the next excursion. See you soon.

05:54:57 PM
Saturday, 9th August 2008

well done you three! you must be done by now. it's been a fantastic effort. you should set fire to your cycling shorts and throw them in the sea when youre at the finish line. nuff respect! with love, from the hiscocks.

05:37:24 PM
Saturday, 9th August 2008

Is not easy or dry. Currently in Thurso coffee shop warming up preparing for final 24 miles. Grateful thanks to a nice lady who gave a generous donation today.

01:50:38 PM
Saturday, 9th August 2008

hope you have a brilliant last day and good luck you lot have done so well

01:11:26 PM
Saturday, 9th August 2008

Thank goodness its the last day, so slow like watching paint dry. Couple of things have happened since you been away, pier burnt down, Hanham has been classified obese, J.juggler married with kids oh i have passed rash on to Wifey. Well done enjoy.....

12:45:04 PM
Saturday, 9th August 2008

Good Luck to Gareth, Shaun & Sarah on their final day, lets hope it's an easy, dry day. Richard, Karen and Poppy will be at John O'Groats to cheer them in. It will be great to see you Sunday.

11:04:07 PM
Friday, 8th August 2008

This is a message to the Clash City Rocker.
What do you mean by 20 year old Athletico rash. That rash is alive & living today!

08:54:40 AM
Friday, 8th August 2008

Well done guys/gals. nearly there,have been off for a couple of days at cricket
Comeback to find message site has turned into a cold case review of 20 year old Athletico rash incident?? Glad I was not welcome on tour back then. On way back on sunday, if youre passing Blackpool youre welcome to join me at the rebellion fest. Goodluck today hope you get some Tongue tonight!

08:40:02 AM
Friday, 8th August 2008

Gareth, hurry home, looks like all your supporters are losing the plot and some blokey called Bernard keeps shouting through my letterbox to let him in ! He looks abit foreign, does he sell dusters?

11:16:00 PM
Thursday, 7th August 2008

i can't believe theres only two more days of bum busting road chew left for you three amigos! i'm going to have to go back to watching endless hours of mindless television when this potty website finishes. oh well, on the way back could you find out if that house on that mound of grass in the middle of the lake is for sale, looks like my ideal place. good luck for the next two days,soak it up. p.s. dear juggler, try a squirt of anusol on that rash, its the kiddie for almost anything. i sealed my windows in with it once. nice.

09:57:11 PM
Thursday, 7th August 2008

just got back from vegas and feeling very jetlagged -all those pix are making us feel even more tired -enjoy, the saddle sores will go eventually!

09:26:36 PM
Thursday, 7th August 2008

Fed up you are taking to long. Mark Beaumont cycled around the world quicker. Get on with it. No wonder you are sponosored by Staceys , they never go the direct way . Off to Wifeys...

08:28:19 PM
Thursday, 7th August 2008

I Have suffered for years because of that rash, i find the only way of controlling it , is a rub down with
cider vinegar and a good scratch

04:47:41 PM
Thursday, 7th August 2008

Dear Mr Juggler,
So often a historical infection returns to haunt you. Sometimes just a wiff of a damp dog is enough to trigger it.
I suggest a good scrub with carbolic soap and a teatree application. Cotton underwear to permit a cool airflow and access for when you need a really good scratch. Best not to let the retriever lick it though.

03:54:50 PM
Thursday, 7th August 2008

Dear Trinny and Susanna,
Thank you for your advice about both fashion & cycling but in your message you said that you can help with various problems. This is a bit personal but a few years ago I contracted a rash on my inner thighs which was believed to have been passed on to myself by the use of a cricket club box. The rash flares up at the start of every cricket season & when ever I see a golden retriever. Obviously I have no problem with the rash as it gives me an excuse to scratch myself in a private area but my problem is what type of shorts should I use to give me the easiest access?

08:29:28 AM
Thursday, 7th August 2008

Hello Gareth,
nearly there mate,keep those legs a going.
Its nearly party time....

10:31:53 PM
Wednesday, 6th August 2008


10:09:49 PM
Wednesday, 6th August 2008

Dear Mr Juggler
Yes we are happy to offer advice about all things including both cycling and dress sense. White is a good colour for midge repellation as they prefer dark clothing. However unless you use a biological washing powder it looks shabby and grey quite quickly. Also flares are no longer 'de rigeur' so get them taken in. As for the cycling, practice going up dropped pavements and work up from there. Hope this helps.

10:08:52 PM
Wednesday, 6th August 2008

Just like the Murphy's l'm not bitter!!!

09:11:13 PM
Wednesday, 6th August 2008

all that drinking alone i'm getting worried!!! reminder have you booked the recycle lorry for next week?

09:08:33 PM
Wednesday, 6th August 2008

Meant to say "party" not "part", must be still drunk !! xx

08:19:10 PM
Wednesday, 6th August 2008

Just because you weren't invited to the part Grumpy B, no need to be bitter !! xx

08:17:27 PM
Wednesday, 6th August 2008

Glad you are near the end, miss my daily paper even if it is a day old. I dont like to tell tales but your recycle box took two trucks to empty, sombody must need all that green glass!!!

08:03:32 PM
Wednesday, 6th August 2008

Just seen picture of Shauns swelling, taking the blood doping a bit to far.
At least when you finish Gareth you know you have done it clean. Speaking of swelling , Wifey said she never seen anything like it. Vive le Tour, hope it stays dry. Off to wifeys...

08:02:34 PM
Wednesday, 6th August 2008